Want to get laid tonight? Try these 5 strategies!

Are you fiening to get felt up? Are you DTF? Tryna get laid?

Well, I don’t blame you! But sometimes it’s hard to find someone you can bang when you feel like masturbating just isn’t going to do it. Sometimes you need a warm body and not a warm hand So, if all your friends-with-benefits are busy tonight, I have some advice for you!

With this combination of trying dating apps and venturing out into the outside world, you should be able to get laid pretty quickly!

So here are my most successful strategies for getting laid at a moment’s notice!

1. Go to bars

While you might not feel like you want to get dressed up and go to a bar, it helps with building sexual tension.
So, grab a few of your buddies, maybe your best wingman, and head to your favorite bar.
Getting dressed up and talking to girls in bars is actually one of the most effective ways to get laid in the sense that there’s already a sexy vibe to going out.

When girls go out with their friends they want to look good, whether they’re planning on trying to get laid tonight!
Go out and capitalize on these sexy vibes!

2. Download some dating apps

If you’re looking to have a lot of options, then dating apps are probably going to be the best route for you!
Dating apps like Tinder, FuckPalBumble that are really popular, but not necessarily hook up apps, are great ways to talk to a bunch of people and see who’s down for something casual!

You might have to lower your standards, but swipe through and match and talk to as many people as you can!

3. Slide into the DMs

Every social media account could be a dating app if you try enough!
So, don’t be afraid to slide into DMs of girls you know! Girls will be impressed that you have the confidence to slide into the DMs and try to spit some game.

Since you’re not on a dating app or in a bar where there’s a naturally flirty vibe, make sure to build up to the sexual tension. And make sure not to be too forward because that’s not cute. Even if you’re trying to get laid, you can do that without being overly aggressive.

4. Talk to girls you’ve already slept with

If it’s hard for you to put in work with new girls, message someone that you’ve already banged in the past. So long as nothing terrible happened after, you should be able to hit up those girls.

Just be kind yet flirty and see if she’d be up for round two.

5. Happy ending massage?

I mean why not? A lot of larger towns and cities have massage parlors like this. So, if you can’t get laid why not make an appointment.

There are even places in the Untied States where happy endings aren’t illegal!
Maybe you can’t get laid, but at least it wont be your hand that’s doing the work!

Follow These 3 Blogs For The Hottest Teen Tumblr


If you’re not familiar with Tumblr, then you’re missing out on one of the best non-porn porn sites on the Internet.

What I mean by this is that while Tumblr is in no way a porn website, and not affiliated with any of them, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who’ve started porn blogs throughout the years, which has made Tumblr the bests social site for porn.

The underground scene of porn blogs has been prevalent on Tumblr for a while now, and people who know about it know that it doesn’t get better than Tumblr when it comes to porn. Blogs can post pictures, videos, audio, and GIFs, which is what made Tumblr a favorite destination for porn-lovers and sets them apart. There’s both amateur and professional porn on Tumblr, and you can always find both on any blog, creating a variety of content.

Just as there are many categories and niches on porn websites for you to filter and find what you want to see, there are different niche blogs on Tumblr as well as just general porn blogs. One of these niches is teen Tumblr blogs that post the best teen porn you could find online. Using content of 18+ girls, Tumblr is the best place to get all your teen porn in one place, and creating an account if you don’t already have one is super simple!

So what are some of the best teen Tumblr you need to follow?

Hub of Teens

On Hub of Teens, you’ll mostly find teen girls’ selfies and lots of photos of half-naked girls, either in bikinis or in their underwear. There are also lots of group photos on this blog, and very long photo sets. But along with the cute photos of teens, there’s also NSFW pictures and videos thrown into the mix. You’ll find hot teen porn videos from the best porn producers out there, and they’re high-quality videos, too.

Naughty Naked Teens

This teen Tumblr Naughty Naked Teens is a daily updated blog that features naked teen pictures and GIFs. A lot of the photos on here appear to be high-fashion or fine art shoots featuring naked teens, given the great quality of the photos. Every single post you see is NSFW, and you can always find the best teen pussy pics on here, too.

Girls Selfie

Featuring only amateur selfies and photos, Girls Selfie is the biggest selfie blog on Tumblr for hot amateur teen nudes. What makes Girls Selfie special, and the best teen selfie blog, is that they take submissions from real girls and post them. Every photo on here, while amateur, is nothing short of sexy, because who knows a girl’s angles better than herself? With over 115 pages of teen selfies, you’ll never be bored with the content on this teen Tumblr. You’ll find yourself scrolling through every page enamored with the selfies of so many teen girls, and you’ll be sure to see why Tumblr is one of the best sites for porn through Girls Selfie.

7 Sensual Kik Sexting Tips That Will Light Her Fire

If you’re new to Kik sexting, things can feel a bit intimidating — especially if you’re sexting someone who already knows what they’re doing. Chances are, you’ve added a girl from her username you might’ve found on a forum or website for other Kik sexters, like Dirty Usernames or KikSexting. Now, she expects you to know what you’re doing, but if you haven’t had much experience with Kik sexting, you’re pretty much clueless on how to help her get off.

If you want to be a good sexter, you also have to think of the other person. But when you don’t know how to sext in a way that will get them off, that can be hard to do.

Here are seven Kik sexting tips to help you become a great sexter, and light her fire.

1. Be attentive

Make sure you’re asking what she likes or doesn’t like, what she wants you to say, and what she wants to see from you if you’re swapping nude pictures. If you’re only focusing on yourself and what you want form her for you to cum, you’re selfish! And selfishness is never a good quality when it comes to sexting, and just sex in general.

2. You can tease her

This is something she most likely won’t expect from you, considering guys are never the ones who like to tease. But if you do it just enough, she’ll want more and become sexually frustrated — in a good way. This is because it leaves room for imagination, which is essential to having a good sext conversation.

3. Expand your dirty talk

You are not reciting a rehearsed script of only some lines during sexting. Constantly saying “I wanna fuck you,” or “you look so hot,” is cool and all, but if you want to impress her, and keep a good conversation going, switch it up and be creative with your words. After all, words are a big part of sexting and should not be underestimated.
Read a couple of erotica, and you’ll see what I mean.

4. It’s in the details

If you’re talking about what you want her to do to you, or what you’d want to do to her, describe it in detail and use all the dirty words you can. Using sensory words and adjectives helps add to the conversation and makes your sexting that much better.

5. Don’t be afraid to role play

One of the best things about sexting is that you can fantasize whatever you want and make it come to life. If there’s a kink you’re into or have a certain fantasy in mind you’ve wanted to play out, see if she’s up for it.

6. Ask questions

This goes hand-in-hand with being attentive. Ask the girl you’re talking to if you’re doing things right to get reassurance and ask her if she’s liking where the conversation is going.

Also, you should be able to ask her what she loves about sex and some of her favorite things to do during sex.

7. Think of it as foreplay

When you change your mindset from thinking of sexting as just another form of porn fo you to jerk off to, you’ll notice your sexting become much better already. This is because when you think of sexting as something leading up to a bigger moment, you put in more effort. When you put in more effort, things get better.

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